Specific Developments

Upper Qu’Appelle

Qu’Appelle South Irrigation Study Executive Summary The Qu’Appelle South Irrigation Project represents a block of potential irrigable land between the Qu’Appelle River Dam and Buffalo Pound Lake and south of the Qu’Appelle River in south central Saskatchewan. This summary reviews water development alternative supply irrigation, municipal, rural domestic, recreation, wildlife and industrial needs with parts of the rural municipalities in the project area.

Water Scarcity, Water Supply, Water Security

Upper Qu’Appelle Water Supply Project – An Economic Impact & Sensitivity Analysis considers water scarcity, supply and security for the upper Qu’Appelle project. Given recent growth in the province, the development of this project has become vital. Stakeholders from industry, agriculture and government are working together to make this project reality. This report was commissioned by the South Central Economic Region.

Westside Irrigation Project

Westside Irrigation Project Executive Summary This executive summary highlights the findings of the study into the feasibility, opportunities and constraints for further development of the west bank of the South Saskatchewan River from Gardiner Dam to Asquith.