Major Studies

A Time to Irrigate

A Time to Irrigate reviews the history of irrigation and and evaluates the expansion development opportunities and constraints in Western Canada in general and Saskatchewan specifically. This report has become a blueprint for irrigation around Lake Diefenbaker and throughout the province. SIPA commissioned the study, A Time to Irrigate, to establish a fact-based premise for its mandate and goals. Government policy makers, industry and other provinces and countries have heralded this report as a cornerstone for irrigation development.

A Time to Irrigate – Volume 1

A Time to Irrigate – Volume 2

Fact Sheets

A Time to Irrigate provides a wealth of information. For convenience, the information has been summarized into the following 4-page fact sheets

Irrigation Development – The Next Steps

Irrigation Development – The Next Steps  Lake  Diefenbaker  offers  opportunities  for  multi-use water based development in Saskatchewan. It was envisioned that the associated irrigation work would  carry  water  to  approximately  450,000  acres of irrigable lands. This presentation demonstrates the logical next steps that should be taken to proceed with development of these opportunites.

Keeping the Promise!

Keeping the Promise!  This fact sheet highlights the history of irrigation in Saskatchewan and the importance of moving forward with the irrigation plan for the province. SIPA summarizes the benefits that irrigation can bring to communities and what it will take to achieve .