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Ottawa launches new Prairie Economic Development Agency

A split has been made to the Western Economic Diversification Canada team resulting in the creation of two agencies; Prairies Economic Development Canada (PrairiesCan) for Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba, and Pacific Economic Development Canada (PacifiCan) for B.C.

Additional Funding Supports Immediate Irrigation Expansion in Saskatchewan

A change to the Irrigation Development Program will allow producers to access up to $500,000 per applicant to finance irrigation infrastructure.

Clifton Associates Selected As Lead Engineering Team For First Stage Of Lake Diefenbaker Irrigation Expansion Project

After a successful completion of a two-staged transparent procurement process, Regina-based Clifton Associates Ltd. has been selected to begin engineering work for the Westside Irrigation Project.


Saskatchewan Announces $4 Billion Irrigation Project At Lake Diefenbaker

Water Security Agency article detailing the irrigation project announcement by Premier Scott Moe.

Letter to the Editors of the Regina Leader Post and the Saskatoon Star Phoenix

Letter to the Editors of the Regina Leader Post and the Saskatoon Star Phoenix highlighting the importance of the irrigation project in Saskatchewan including continued irrigation development in the Diefenbaker Region.

Irrigation Regulations 2020

Updates to the Irrigation Regulations of Saskatchewan effective March 11, 2020

Summary: On March 20, 2020, these regulations (RRS I-14.2 Reg 1) will include:

  • Additional requirements for irrigation districts to prepare irrigation works management plans, including setting appropriate irrigation replacement fund contributions to ensure the long-term sustainability of the infrastructure;
  • Updated fee schedule for irrigation certification fees to achieve approximate cost recovery for government services; there is a new reduced fee for applicants that can provide their own soil and water investigation data to the satisfaction of the minister, to limit instances of clients paying for the same services twice;
  • Additional requirements on liability protection afforded to irrigation districts in regards to water seepage when not they are not negligent;
  • Modernized definitions and responsibilities;
  • Similar to the previous Act, the requirement for the minister to obtain the prior approval of the Lieutenant Governor in Council before providing any financial assistance greater than $100,000;
  • Allowance for irrigation districts to apply to the minister for lesser financial audit requirements when reasonable and appropriate;
  • Clarification of criteria on which the minister may approve or refuse an application for amalgamation by two or more irrigation districts;
  • Clarification of requirements for irrigation districts to be wound up, whether voluntarily or on the minister’s initiative; and
  • Reduction in red-tape for the Irrigation Crop Diversification Corporation to elect, appoint and retain board members.

See: The Irrigation Act, 2019, section 6-9