New Irrigators

Irrigation Development Factors

Irrigation can be used for market gardens, orchards, potatoes, hay, legumes, grains or any other field crop. However diverting and controlling the flow of water can have many impacts on the land and neighbouring producers. Many factors must e considered before making the decision to invest in irrigation.

  • Economic return on investment
  • Environmental sustainability
  • Regulatory approvals
  • Acquisition of water rights and easements
  • Jurisdiction of the irrigation (i.e., within an existing district, a private development or will it require the formation of a new district)
  • Water availability and soil suitability
  • Hydrogeological and feasibility assessment
  • Utility applications and installations
  • Suitable crop given soil and water conditions

Where do I start?

The Senior Irrigation Technologist with the Ministry of Agriculture has prepared a summary of the irrigation development process as well as funding support for Saskatchewan irrigators.

The following organizations can provide invaluable help to get you started:

  • SIPA can help you source the required applications for your project. Our directors are irrigators themselves and represent all areas of Saskatchewan.

Saskatchewan Irrigation Projects Association
Box 391, Central Butte, SK S0H 0T0
Ph: 306-796-4727    Fax: 306-796-2223
Send us a message.

  • The Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture can provide technical and administrative assistance for projects that are greater than 2.5 acres in size.

Saskatchewan Agriculture
Box 609, Outlook, SK S0L 2N0
Ph: 306-867-5500     Fax: 306-867-9868

  • ICDC conducts research and demonstrations on crop viability under irrigation versus dry land conditions. They publish annual several reports with the latest research findings.

Irrigation Crop Diversification Corporation
Box 609, Outlook, SK S0L 2N0
Ph: 306-867-5500    Fax: 306-867-9868