Why Join

SIPA encourages everyone that irrigates or has a vested interest in irrigation to join our organization. Members enjoy the following benefits:

Member Benefits


  • Advocacy. Support an organization that seeks to ensure the Saskatchewan irrigation industry grows with input from the grassroots.
  • Sustainability. Contribute to securing future water allocation for irrigation development.
  • Expertise. Benefit from the exchange of information with other irrigators, industry representatives and studies commissioned by SIPA.
  • Contribute. Provide your voice and contribute to the direction of SIPA at general and annual meetings.
  • Legacy. Support the elected board of directors in the development of policy that will grow the industry to its full potential.

Membership Levels

Full Irrigator

Full members have the right to vote at all member meetings and are eligible to become directors.


    Associate membership is available to non-irrigators with a vested interest in the industry.

    Potential Water Development Projects (PWDP)

    Potential Water Development Projects can become a member of SIPA as well. This membership level is for those irrigators that are not formally organized under legislative guidelines but gives you the chance to stay up to date with irrigation developments in SK.

    To apply for a SIPA membership, download and complete our membership form.