Highlights of First 10 Years – 1996 to 2005


Made application to CSWSEP to support education, promotion and irrigation studies. Participated in irrigation alley at Saskatoon Crop Production Show. Met with Minster of SAFRR. Hosted minister barbeque. Responded to Saskatchewan Water conservation plan. Distributed promotional materials. Set up new governing body. Participated in water forum to promote green strategy.


Participated in strategic planning sessions regarding changes to the Irrigation Act. Attended SWA meeting. Provided representation for the advisory and planning committees regarding management of Lake Diefenbaker. Attended CANCID conference. Organized workshops to disseminate information on the 50-year water strategy. Made a submission to the International Joint Commission. Made Canada-Saskatchewan Water Supply Expansion Program (CSWSEP) applications.


Met with SAFRR Minister and Assistant Deputy Minister. Attended UMA national water strategy conference. Discussions with SSGA about power infrastructure. Participated in the Agrivision Conference. Circulated irrigation development questionnaire. Held discussions regarding crop insurance. Appointment of SIPA representative to SWA advisory board.


Met with the Minister of Agriculture. Irrigation transferred to SAFRR. Held Meridam Dam meetings. Issued news releases and initiated crop insurance petition.


Created communications package and launched website. Attended meridian dam meetings, participated in Re-inventing Agriculture conference and irrigation strategy workshops. Instituted private irrigator member voting privileges. Hosted conference:Why Isn’t Irrigation Development Part of Rural Revitalization in Saskatchewan?


Addressed CWRA to promote irrigation diversification and value added opportunities. Met with Minister of SaskWater. Toured irrigation projects with president of SWC.


Review of Irrigation Act. Met with Minister of SaskWater. Attended Milk River Basin workshop. Held discussions regarding municipal assessment and requirements for district administration. Participated in Irrigation Act revision discussions.


Signed memorandum of understanding for management of SCIDC. Met and toured with the federal Minister of Agriculture to promote an integrated water management strategy. Attended PAWBED meeting. Met with Minister of SaskWater to review proposed 10-year irrigation funding plan. Attended SIDC strategic planning workshop.


Promoted need for a written funded irrigation policy. Signed communications agreement with SaskWater. Discussion about development of irrigation over the next 10 years.


SIPA incorporated as a non-profit corporation. Funding received from the sustainable agriculture program for education. Presentations made to the Minister of Highways.