2012 Highlights


  • Pursued funding for replacement of bridges on RM road allowances within the irrigation districts.
  • Continued work on the Upper Qu’Appelle Water Conveyance Project:
    • Held meetings with Qu’Appelle South Irrigation Project committee
    • Provided input on the Moose Jaw – Regina Industrial Corridor
    • Contributed towards formation of an irrigation district (currently pending)
  • Ongoing review of funding options for SIPA, including memberships.
  • Researched and recommended infill and rehabilitation funding policies.
  • Provided input to the Growing Forward II Federal/Provincial Program.
  • Organized and hosted the summer Upper Qu’Appelle Water Supply bus tour.
  • Published irrigation and water articles and a study on high volume vegetable production in Saskatchewan as components of the Agriculture Council projects.
  • Provided support for continuation of viable irrigation in Southwest Saskatchewan.
  • Held discussions regarding location of SaskPower and staffing of linesmen for services to irrigation districts and three-phase power installation.
  • Reviewed and proposed amendments to bylaws regarding the election and appointment of SIPA board members to ensure sustainable operations of SIPA.

Workshops and Presentations

  • Drainage in Irrigation Districts – presentation and field demonstration at CSIDC field day.
  • Presentation made at the Irrigation Branch fall conference.
  • Attended several climate change workshops and meetings with federal and provincial governments and the Saskatchewan universities.

Strategic Meetings

  • Held several discussions with the new Water Security Agency concerning water licensing and allocation in Saskatchewan and the 25 Year Water Security Plan.
  • Provided representation on various watershed advisory committees.
  • Held meetings with selected provincial cabinet ministers, MLAs and MPs.
  • Attended the annual meetings of irrigation districts.
  • Attended discussions regarding the Irrigation Development Corporation.
  • Participated in meetings regarding the Provincial Water Management Strategy
  • Representatives of SIPA appointed to CSIDCs EMC in Outlook and ICDCs board.