2011 Highlights


  • SIPA continued to play a role in the Agri-Environment Services Branch divestment of Southwest Saskatchewan irrigation projects. Our board attended numerous meetings and discussions with the projects to promote the goal of viable irrigation for farmers and ranchers into the future.
  • SIPA organized a South Saskatchewan River Showcase tour. Over 100 participants (MPs, MLAs, urban and rural municipality representatives, university professors, industry representatives, financial organization managers, irrigation district members and the media) took part in the one day tour. The tour began in Saskatoon and visited the Gardiner Dam and Lake Diefenbaker. SIPA sponsored a barbeque at CSIDC afterwards, before returning to Saskatoon.
  • Developed a package showing the support for major irrigation expansion in Saskatchewan as well as a proposal for a Saskatchewan Irrigation Development Corporation. This has been presented to the Premier, all government MLAs and Saskatchewan MPs.
  • Held discussions with vice-president of SaskPower regarding service delivery to irrigation areas.

Workshops and Presentations

  • Attended other tradeshows and conferences, including the CSIDC Field Day, the Crop Production Show, the annual SARM convention, the Cattlemen’s conference, the SUMA convention and the Saskatchewan Chamber of Commerce conference.
  • Entertained numerous media interviews throughout the year.
  • Attended a federal climate change workshop in Calgary.
  • Received a one year extension of the Agriculture Council of Saskatchewan funding to March 31, 2012.

Strategic Meetings

  • A number of meetings were held with the Ministries of Agriculture, Corrections, Public Safety and Policing, Highways, the Treasury Board, representatives from Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, Irrigation Development Branch
  • Attended the provincial budget address and Agriculture Briefing in Regina.
  • As a partner of the Executive Management Committee of CSIDC, SIPA participated in the planning and organization of the annual field day and the CSIDC work plan meeting.
  • SIPA directors participated in a stakeholders meeting to discuss the development of a provincial water management strategy.
  • Attended a number of meetings on the development of the Qu’Appelle conveyance project and the potential irrigation project.
  • Took part in a meeting spearheaded by Saskatchewan Watershed Authority to discuss management of Saskatchewan water resources.
  • Met with representatives of the Saskatchewan Crop Insurance Corporation to review the 2010-2011 year and discuss future irrigation coverage.
  • Attended a meeting hosted by SaskPower wherein present operations and infrastructure and future demands were outlined.
  • Participated in a meeting regarding irrigation in Saskatchewan with the Canada Excellence Research Chair in Water Security, University of Saskatchewan.
  • Attended the annual meetings of a number of irrigation districts.