2009 Highlights


  • Received approval for funding from ACAAFS through the Agriculture Council of Saskatchewan.
  • Collaborated on the preparation of educational materials designed to reach different audiences and to support meetings with key provincial organizations.
  • Met with the SWA and considered their proposal for a process by which to update water licenses.
  • Accepted an invitation to attend the pre-budget briefing of the Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture and attended the budget address.
  • Attended the Ag-Water Forum and a presentation was made on the benefits of irrigation to society and the potential for expansion in Saskatchewan.
  • Hosted an irrigation tour for the President of the SWA.
  • Continued development of the www.irrigationsaskatchewan.com website.
  • The Moving Forward committee met several times to develop a strategy for the promotion of the benefits of irrigation in Saskatchewan based on the findings reported in A Time to Irrigate.
  • Participated on CSIDCs Executive Management Committee (EMC) as an equal partner with the federal Ministry of Agriculture and Agri-Food, Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture, University of Saskatchewan and ICDC; recognized for promotional efforts.
  • Attended a forum with Western Diversification to discuss funding programs for the development of irrigation.

Workshops and Presentations

  • Participated in the consultation process conducted by the Saskatchewan Ministry of Environment respecting their review of regulations.
  • Participated in a number of trade shows, including the Saskatchewan Chamber of Commerce, the Crop Production Show, SUMA, AAFC/CSIDC field day, and the federal Ag-Water Forum III.
  • Met with the Minister of Agriculture following the budget address.
  • Attended the federal press releases announcing funding for 15,000 acres of infill in SSRID, Luck Lake and Riverhurst Irrigation Districts.
  • Entertained several interviews with the media.

Strategic Meetings

  • Attended a forum with Western Diversification to discuss funding programs for the development of irrigation.
  • Met with the federal minister of Western Diversification.
  • Several informal meetings and written communication with staff from the Irrigation Branch regarding such issues as water licenses, SaskPower initiatives, Crop Insurance and irrigation policies.
  • SIPA board members represented our interests at the table of ICDC.
  • Board members attended several irrigation district meetings.