2008 Highlights


  • Time to Irrigate report on the economic benefits of irrigation to agriculture and society was completed with the financial assistance of CSWSEP. The report summarizes the impact on each stakeholder. It was hand delivered to key MLAs and industry members and then distributed to all Saskatchewan federal members of parliament and Saskatchewan Party MLAs.
  • Signed a new 5-year framework agreement for irrigation-based economic development and environmental sustainability for CSIDC as a partner with the federal Ministry of Agriculture and Agri-Food, the Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture, the University of Saskatchewan and ICDC, recognizing the promotional work that has been carried out. Board members also participated in CSIDC executive meetings and strategic planning sessions.
  • Submitted written recommendations to consultants regarding Saskatchewan Crop Insurance. The majority of recommendations were included in their executive summary. Board members also attended the public consultation meetings.
  • Made an application for funding for the promotion of the results of the study Time to Irrigate.
  • Signed an agreement for the development of a new irrigation Saskatchewan website that is a work in progress. The new website will allow us more flexibility and we will be able to have it updated readily.

Workshops and Presentations

  • Participated in the CSIDC field day and an irrigation tour with representatives from the PFRA, Ministry of the Environment and the Ministry of Agriculture.
  • Entertained interviews with a number of media.
  • Issued a press release on the findings in the economic benefits study, Time to Irrigate.
  • Attended several trade Production Shows: Crop Production Show, SUMA, CSIDC field day and AIPA conference.

Strategic Meetings

  • Held a number of meetings with Saskatchewan government ministers, including the Ministers of Agriculture, Enterprise and Innovations and Municipal Affairs.
  • Several informal meetings and written communications with various staff of the Ministry of Agriculture-Irrigation Branch, including the District Manager of Saskatchewan Agriculture regarding issues related to SaskPower, Crop Insurance, irrigation policies and check offs.
  • Met with the Business Risk Unit to explore the possibility of a check, had numerous subsequent communications with them and received a formal application for review.
  • Attended a crop insurance news conference in Melville regarding changes for 2008, including an enhanced pilot project separating dry land and irrigated acres.
  • Participated in a meeting organized by Saskatchewan Environment to review their regulations and we prepared a written submission in response.
  • SIPA board members represented our interests at ICDC board meetings.
  • Invited PFRA and Environment to attend our board meeting held in Swift Current to discuss the progress of the transition in the South West. Throughout the year, our SW board members participated in discussions with the SW projects and with the government.
  • Accepted an invitation from the Minister of Agriculture to attend the pre-budget briefing address.