2007 Highlights


  • Canada Saskatchewan Water Supply Expansion Program
    • Worked on submissions to the Tier III program to explain the economic benefits of irrigation in Saskatchewan and prepared educational materials.
    • The tender for a study on the benefits of irrigation to agriculture and society was awarded to Clifton Associates Ltd.
    • Held meetings with the federal and provincial representatives of the program.
    • Participated in meetings and made press releases regarding the studies.
    • Held a joint meeting with representatives of the Lake Diefenbaker Irrigation Development area projects/irrigation districts studied: Westside, Luck Lake, Riverhurst, South Saskatchewan River and Qu’Appelle
  • Strategic Planning – Reviewed and updated SIPAs strategic plan and discussed funding options.

Workshops and Presentations

  • Participated in AAFC AG Forum II Workshop in Winnipeg.
  • Made a presentation about SIPA and the five Lake Diefenbaker irrigation expansion studies at the CWRA national conference held in Saskatoon.
  • Presentation to the board of the Saskatchewan Crop Insurance Corporation.
  • Participated in the workshop with Agriculture Canada regarding the next agriculture census.
  • Participated in an AAFC irrigation strategy workshop.
  • Presentation to Acting Director General of PFRA.
  • Gave several interviews to the media, including the Calgary Herald.
  • Attended a forum on climate change with PFRA and University of Regina which included findings from a comparisons of Saskatchewan and Chile
  • Participated in the several trade shows, including a booth in Irrigation Alley at the Crop Production Show, the SUMA trade show, the CWRA national conference, the AIPA annual conference and the CSIDC Field Day.

Strategic Meetings

  • Participated in the Watershed Planning Committee meetings in Moose Jaw, Qu’Appelle and Lake Diefenbaker Water sheds. Attended the provincial meeting and a 2-day Qu’Appelle South workshop regarding watershed management and the Qu’Appelle conveyance project.
  • Participated in CSIDC executive and strategic planning meetings and agreed to become full partners under a new CSIDC management agreement signed this year.
  • Board members participated in meetings with PFRA regarding the federal irrigation projects transitions in south west Saskatchewan
  • We had numerous informal meetings with SAF staff and correspondence with the minister and the department
  • We had several meetings with staff of PFRA and CSIDC.
  • Held a number of meetings with Saskatchewan Crop Insurance staff. Topics discussed: division of dry land and irrigated crops, yield level coverage, spot loss hail, new crops and establishing individual yield history.
  • Board member participated in the FLAG meetings.
  • Representative appointed to the new SWA Provincial advisory board and attended the first meeting.
  • Participated in the premier’s Climate Change Forum.
  • Attended public meetings on bio fuels and had discussions with the Ethanol Development Council.
  • Met with Irrigation Branch staff to discuss policies for new infill, rehabilitation and expansion policies.
  • Participated in planning for the CSIDC field day.
  • Accepted an invitation to attend the pre-budget agriculture briefing address of the SAF Minister.