2005 Highlights


  • Prepared and presented a brief to the Minister of Agriculture. The brief addressed power infrastructure, cooperative one-stop shopping, the SWA conservation plan and the international joint commission.
  • Completed documentation and transferred assets to the new Saskatchewan Irrigation Projects Association non-profit corporation.
  • Prepared three applications under the CSWSEP for the development of education and promotional materials and a new website and studies into potential of irrigation, irrigation rights and policies.
  • Met with ADD board representative regarding a joint submission on water efficiencies and funding qualifications under the Farm Environmental Plan, which would include changing pumps to accommodate low pressure systems.
  • Developed new promotional and educational materials and commissioned construction of a model pivot.
  • Successfully requested Sask Power to abandon the 2005 interim billing since there was virtually no spring irrigation with the wet weather conditions.
  • Worked with ICDC to develop a new website, www.irrigationsask.com.
  • Received CARDS approval for development of education material.
  • Continued work on an irrigation video.
  • Ongoing submissions to media personnel to keep them updated.
  • Board members participated in trial timothy crop insurance coverage.

Workshops and Presentations

  • Participated in the 2005 irrigation alley at the Crop Production Show in Saskatoon. Met with Crop Production Show management to evaluate the show and agreed to participate in an Irrigation Alley for 2006.
  • Organized a reception for the Minister of Agriculture and Food and staff.
  • Participated in a water stewardship workshop for the Saskatchewan Environment Green Forum.
  • Participated in public conservation plan meeting and met with SWA regarding the information presented. A brief was subsequently submitted to SAF and SWA regarding development of the conservation plan.
  • Attended the AIPA annual conference.
  • Participated in Agrivision’s Water Conference held in North Battleford.
  • Participated in trade shows and field days promoting the industry.
  • Made application for the trade shows at SUMA and SARM annual conferences.
  • Attended a workshop on CAIS and discussed the requirement for a structural change that does not take into account the effects of diversifying into irrigation.

Strategic Meetings

  • Held discussions with federal representatives regarding irrigation polices and funding.
  • Met and communicated with the Ministry of Agriculture and Food.
  • Met with SWA staff regarding irrigation water rights, licenses, prioritization and the international joint commission.
  • Initiated discussions with the Saskatchewan Party to keep them updated about irrigation issues and developments.
  • Attended the SWA quarterly meetings and made a presentation to the provincial advisory board of the SWA.
  • Participated in a joint ICDC/SIPA board meeting to discuss the mandate of each organization.
  • Had discussions with Saskatchewan Agrivision and participated in a meeting regarding the organization of the water conference in North Battleford.
  • Participated in a meeting with Canada Agriculture and Agri-Food regarding their research initiatives.
  • Met with promoters of the Farm Progress show regarding promotion of irrigation.
  • Met with PFRA for a review of the projects in the SWDA.
  • Board members attended ICDC and executive management meetings.
  • Attended various watershed planning meetings.