About Us

The Saskatchewan Irrigation Projects Association was established as a non-profit organization in 1996. Since then, the association has worked to represent irrigators and communicate issues to industry representatives on the behalf of irrigators. Visit our Past Years page and click on a year to fully discover the activities and accomplishments of SIPA since 1996.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Saskatchewan Irrigation Projects Association (SIPA) is to represent the interests of irrigation in Saskatchewan through one common voice. It is dedicated to the expansion of irrigation while ensuring the efficient use of Saskatchewan’s water resources. It is committed to promoting to all citizens the values and benefits of irrigation for the province’s growth and economic well-being, now and into the future.


  • Development of irrigation policies must originate with producers and be adopted by decision makers.
  • Irrigation practices must be appropriate and effectively protect our environment.
  • SIPA and its members must partner with government, industry, recreation, wetlands and others who have a stake in our water resources.

Goals & Objectives

  • The SIPA board will develop and implement a plan to advocate for irrigation projects in Saskatchewan, representing irrigation concerns and lobbying government and stakeholders on behalf of the association, its members and other irrigators.
  • SIPA will become the point of entry for new projects and will assist with the formation of new districts.
  • The SIPA board will develop and implement a strategy to promote the benefits of irrigation.
  • The SIPA board will develop a plan to provide direct input to government, assist the government with setting policy that impacts irrigation by providing options and recommendations for the implementation of those policies.
  • The board will develop a process to assist with the expansion of irrigable acres.

SIPA’s 2022-2027 Strategic Plan can be found here

Principles for Policy Development

SIPA adopted five basic principles as the basis for developing policy with respect to rehab, infill and new irrigation development in Saskatchewan:

  • Long term & uninterrupted
  • Fully funded
  • Co-operation between government departments and agencies
  • Universal and available province wide
  • One-stop service

SIPA Bylaws

For the Bylaws document, please click here.