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Irrigation Saskatchewan’s 29th Annual Conference

Next conference: December 2 – 4th, 2024
Location: TCU Place, Saskatoon, SK


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Saskatchewan Irrigation Projects Association; representing the interests of irrigation in Saskatchewan through one common voice.

Many stakeholders have an interest in Saskatchewan’s water resources, including the government, agriculture industry, recreation groups, wetland managers, and others. Irrigation is an important use of water resources and in order to ensure responsible use, SIPA seeks to build partnerships with those that have a stake in the water industry.

SIPA continually works with the federal and provincial governments to systematically develop our water resources over the next decades. Proactive management of infrastructure development must be established so that the needs of the population can be met over the long term.

Irrigation Saskatchewan's 2024 Conference








SIPA’s variety of partnerships assists in overcoming irrigation development constraints such as:

  • Government planning frameworks
  • Demographics and labour markets
  • Producer interests, farm level economics and profitability
  • Water supply infrastructure and security
  • On-farm and system capital investment requirements
  • Marketing and value-added processing opportunities
  • Suitability of policy environment