Irrigation Makes Saskatchewan Grow!

Saskatchewan is experiencing unprecedented, sustained growth. Proactive management of infrastructure development must be established so that the needs of the population can be met over the long term. The benefits of expanding irrigation are many, but none can be realized without sustained planning, investment and action. SIPAs mandate is to represent the interests of its irrigation membership in Saskatchewan while working with the federal and provincial governments to systematically develop our water resources over the next decades. SIPA is committed to providing a unified voice concerning the issues facing Saskatchewan irrigators as development proceeds.
Many stakeholders have an interest in Saskatchewan’s water resources, including the government, agriculture, industry, recreation groups, wetland managers and others. Irrigation is an important use of water resources. However, several factors constrain further irrigation development in Saskatchewan:
  • Government planning frameworks
  • Producer interests, farm-level economics and profitability
  • Water supply infrastructure and security
  • On-farm and system capital investment requirements
  • Marketing and value-added processing opportunities
  • Suitability of policy environment
  • Demographics and labour markets
These constraints indicate the diverse number of interests and stakeholders in water management and irrigation. As a defined value, SIPA seeks to build partnerships with those that have a stake in our water resources, as all involved parties work to minimize the above constraints in an effort to increase irrigable acres in Saskatchewan.