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ICDC conducts field demonstrations with producer co-operators across the province in order to field-test ideas that come from irrigators, industry, research at CSIDC and other sources. ICDC partners with CSIDC, irrigators, commodity groups, agri-business and government.

ICDC is a private organization directed by a board of Saskatchewan irrigators with the role of ICDC outlined by the Irrigation Act 1996. A check-off on irrigated acres and support from Saskatchewan Agriculture allows ICDC to conduct and co-operate in research and demonstration relevant to Saskatchewan’s irrigators.


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Below is a chart that is perpared for CSIDC Outlook by Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development based on a May 15 seeding date. The chart is updated daily on the link - but may not be current here. Click on the chart below to obtain the most current information. NOTE: The Canada Weather Station in Outlook is now functional. The chart linked to this image reflects actual conditions at Outlook for the previous week.

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ICDC is a member partner of the Canada-Saskatchewan Irrigation Diversification Centre (CSIDC) at Outlook.